Phase 2: Effectiveness

Phase 2: Finding out how well the new treatment or intervention works in certain types of cancers.

A Phase 2 clinical trial uses the dose information learned from the Phase 1 trial to find out how effective the treatment or intervention is for a specific type of cancer.

The goals of a Phase 2 clinical trial are to:

  • Determine how well the treatment or intervention works (effectiveness)
  • Learn more about the side effects and how well it is tolerated (safety)

Usually less than a few hundred patients with the same type of cancer will take part and a large number of these patients can enter the trial at the same time. The recommended dose from the Phase 1 trial is used for all patients. These trials may take place in a few cancer centres and perhaps in 1 to 2 different countries. If the new treatment or intervention shows effectiveness, it will proceed to Phase 3 testing.

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