Phase 1

Clinical Trial NameClinical Trial Full TitlePrincipal InvestigatorProject site statusClinical trials gov number
BAY 16044An open-label phase I dose-escalation study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, maximum tolerated dose, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of the anti-C4.4a antibody drug conjugate BAY 1129980 in subjects with advanced solid tumours known to express C4.4aHirte, Dr HalOpenNCT02134197
CA223001A Phase 1/2 Dose Study of the Combination of Lirilumab (Anti-KIR) Plus Nivolumab (Anti-PD-1) or Lirilumab Plus Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Advanced Refractory Solid TumorsHotte, Dr Sebastien OpenNCT01714739
IND.214A Phase I/II Study of MG1 Maraba/MAGE-A3 (MG1MA3), With and Without Adenovirus Vaccine, With Transgenic MAGE-A3 Insertion (AdMA3) in Patients With Incurable Advanced/Metastatic MAGE-A3-Expressing Solid TumoursHotte, Dr Sebastien OpenNCT02285816
IND.228A Phase II Study of Durvalumab and Tremelimumab in Patients with Advanced Rare TumoursHirte, Dr HalOpenNCT02879162
MDV3800-01A Phase I Open-Label Pharmacokinetics and Safety Study of Talazoparib (MDV3800) in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors and Normal or Varying Degrees of Renal ImpairmentHirte, Dr HalOpenNCT02997163
MDV3800-13A Single-Arm, Open-Label, Multicenter, Extended Treatment, Safety Study in Patients Treated With TalazoparibHirte, Dr HalOpenNCT02921919
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