What To Expect

If you are interested in a clinical trial or if your oncologist feels there is a trial that may be right for you, your primary care team will arrange an appointment with one of the oncologists conducting the trial.

Sometimes your oncologist might be the doctor in charge of the trial; in this case, you can meet with the Clinical Trial Research Nurse (CTRN) or Clinical Research Associate (CRA) at one of your scheduled appointments.

The oncologist and CTRN or CRA will review the clinical trial and informed consent form with you and answer any questions. You do not have to agree to participate right away, or at all. You are encouraged to take as much time as you need to think about your decision and discuss it with others. Another appointment may be booked to talk about the trial further.

If you decide to participate, there are several steps to taking part in clinical trial which will be discussed with you. Our dedicated oncologists and CTRNs or CRAs will help you through these steps and will become your main contact throughout the trial.

If you Contact Us directly about a clinical trial, we can answer any questions and review any potential clinical trial options with you over the phone. We can arrange to meet with you at one of your appointments or help you in the referral process.

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